I’d like to take a moment to thank you for considering “Florida’s Logger of the Year” Gray Logging Company for the Southeast Logger of the year.
I have known Mr. Jerry Gray and his father, W.C. for about 22 years. Every time I think of these people or their company I think of the enthusiasm Jerry has and how I’ve watch him gift that enthusiasm in a professional way to his employees. This man not only loves logging but everything from watching seedlings being planted to having the opportunity to harvest a site of premium quality saw timber and poles.
The foundation of this business is well known, it’s Jesus Christ! After that it grows from the company’s enthusiasm and love for the forests natural resources. They have harvested many tracts of timber over 22 years for my clients. Gray Logging always does the best job of timber harvesting (thinning, total harvest and multi products harvesting and separation) that I’ve overseen for my clients.
Obviously Gray Logging in my opinion deserves not only the Southeast Logger title but the national. His hard work and perseverance has earned him and his company this.
If you would like to speak with me I would be glad to at your convenience (850) 997-4103.
Mitchell L. McElroy, Private Forester, Inc.
It was a real pleasure to read that Jerry Gray had been selected for Logger of the Year for Florida. Jerry will be an excellent representative for the logging part of the forest industry.

As Senior Risk Control Consultant for Bituminous Insurance Company I have had the pleasure of working with Jerry for over 10 years. Gray Logging is a very professional organization that takes great pride in its safety program and treating customers honestly. Safety meetings are held regularly and all employees are encouraged to participate and suggest ways to improve working conditions. Emphasis is given to trucking safety because of the exposure while traveling to the various mills.

Over the years I have observed many cutting operations performed by Gray Logging and all have met the highest professional standards. Many of the tracts are repeat business which in itself says a lot about the quality of work.

The attention to details is also a very strong point. Safety road signs are strategically placed and roads are kept clean. Objects that need protection such as stream side management zones, stream crossings and unique environmental features are well marked and designated for protection.

Gray Logging does an excellent job of promoting good forestry practices and willing to assist with public projects. Once again I would like to applaud your selection of Gray Logging as Logger of the year

My company, Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) has had a business relationship with Jerry Gray and Gray Logging for the past five years. During our five year relationship, I have come to know Gray Logging and the Gray family both professionally and personally.

Gray Logging exemplifies everything that we in the forest products industry expect from a professional logging operation. Attention to detail in every aspect of running their daily operations is evident in all aspects of Gray Logging’s business. A visit to their office, their logging operation, or their shop will immediately make a favorable impression. Gray Logging’s commitment to keeping all aspects of their business clean, in good operating condition, and their dedication to safety is evident to any observer.

Jerry and his father, Mr. W.C. Gray have made a lifetime commitment to operating their business to high professional, ethical, and Christian standards. Time spent with Jerry, his father, Mr. W.C., and his business partner, Larry Hammock, always reinforces their progressive attitude to taking care of our resources not only today, but also for the future. Business decisions made each day affect all our lives today and tomorrow, and Grey Logging’s business policys concerning high ethical treatment of customers, good business principles, sound operation procedures, and dedication to safety, separate Gray Logging from all other loggers.

The forest industry has always had to defend itself in the public’s eyes. If all logging operation were as committed as Gray Logging to operating their business in an ethical and professional manner, the forest industry could grow to new heights. Grey Logging is very deserving of the title of “Florida Logger of the Year”. I cannot think of a more deserving candidate for “Southeastern Technical Logger of the Year”. PCA and I appreciate your consideration of Gray Logging for this outstanding honor.

Devin Corbitt, PCA